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USBP Tumbler 20 oz, powder coating.

This black USBP tumbler will be personalized with the name of your choice. Bid price includes shipping. Generously donated by Liz Pena.

Bid Increment- $5

Retail Value- $35

Happy bidding (below)!!

All money raised will be donated to the Border Patrol Foundation

Bidders can Place Normal Bid & Proxy Bid with a single button
If bid amount is greater than Bid Price + 2*(Increment) then, it will be considered as a Proxy bid.
Example:- If the current bid amount is 100 and the minimum increment allowed is 10, then if the customer places the bid for 120 [Bid Price + 2*Increment] or more then it will be considered as a proxy bid for the auction, but in case the customer bids less than 120 then it will be added as a normal bid.


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