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Honoring the Green Golf Tournament Foursome

Honoring the Green is the BPF's annual golf tournament fundraiser, and takes place in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Date is TBD, but is expected to be a Friday in September 2021.

This item is for a foursome - a $700 value!

Generously Donated by Border Patrol Foundation

Bid Increment- $25

Retail Value- $700

Happy bidding (below)!!

All money raised will be donated to the Border Patrol Foundation

Bid Price Includes Shipping.

Bidders can Place Normal Bid & Proxy Bid with a single button
If bid amount is greater than Bid Price + 2*(Increment) then, it will be considered as a Proxy bid.
Example:- If the current bid amount is 100 and the minimum increment allowed is 10, then if the customer places the bid for 120 [Bid Price + 2*Increment] or more then it will be considered as a proxy bid for the auction, but in case the customer bids less than 120 then it will be added as a normal bid.

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